Tuesday, November 8, 2005

I died.

It's depressing when you just can't get everything done. You realize you have limits and you can only push them so far.

...well... it's that way for a reason.

But I had to prioritize, and this is approximately how it came out:
1. Not to go to jail
2. Be patient and understanding with wife
3. Keep a primary source of income
4. Church
5. Big side project
6. Sanity

I'm lucky I didn't relocate #5 too much, because if I had I think things would have fallen apart.

So I lost a side client and maybe a lot of money in 2006. But at least I know that I did my absolute best these last three months. I've bettered my work ethic and I've accomplished more than ever in my professional career, so I guess not all is lost.

What now? No less than a lengthy mental vacation in honor of my complete failure. I've resorted to gluing 40 year old sticks together and interior decoration. And it feels good. Like home.