Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008


Despite the ubiquity of his designs, Ive insists that he doesn't get an ego rush from seeing so many of us using his products. "I'm not driven by making a cultural impact," he says. "That's just a consequence of taking a remarkably powerful technology and making it relevant.

"My goal is simply to try to make products that really are meaningful to people. Ultimately there is something motivating and inspiring in seeing someone using an Apple product and enjoying an Apple product."


Sunday, May 25, 2008

portland as a startup city

Fortune mags sticks Portland in the #6 spot in their recent "100 best places to live and launch" article. Bellevue topped the list; Eugene, Corvallis, and Olympia also made appearances.

I met some people on the MAX yesterday from Indiana who reminded me how well we really have it here.

I may eventually move closer in but for now I'm retaining my apartment; my landlord and I inked a new deal yesterday that allows me to stay and save some money. So no updating the address books yet.

I took a post-concert/travel nap today that lasted about 4 hours. Now I am up and I can see that it is almost 9 PM but my body is very confused. Maybe I'll go out for pancakes in a bit?

ben gibbard also copied me

OK, well, not exactly. His is a G&L and has a different style bridge pickup and a slightly different finish. It sounded great at the amphitheater last night. He used it on "Cath" which I think probably has the best guitar tone and sound of any Death Cab song.

Monday, May 19, 2008

please help

Hi folks. I need your help. Jon is absolutely insistent that I look like Rick Astley. I really disagree.

Rick != Me

Please take a moment to vote in the poll on the right side of this page and bring some justice to this situation.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

jonny buckland copied me

I guess he must have seen me playing my '72 Thinline because look what happened now. As if!

Touché, Buckland. Until we meet again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

useless update, but by request

I am the freaking Mahjongg master. I developed a strategy and now I never lose. Well I almost never lose. It doesn't even matter. The point is, if you see me in the street you'd best step aside or I might break your tiles or something. I just thought I'd warn you.

Sometimes really, ridiculously attractive girls will see me playing Mahjongg out on the streets in downtown Portland, and they all kinda get scared because I'm so fast and stuff. But then they get super intrigued and they start watching closer. I let them watch because I'm a nice guy. But also because their boyfriends are all like, really scared. Like with one more flick of a tile, a magical white horse is going to appear and I'm going to take their girlfriend and get on it and ride into the sunset. It's probably a valid fear so I don't mess with them too much more than that.

Sometimes I play against the bums. The bums are pretty good but they have dirty tricks. Sometimes they'll put a booger on one of the tiles and that totally messes everything up because then there's this tile sitting on the deck that you can't match to anything. It's super frustrating. Probably the worst thing about it is that whether or not they lose, they still expect a dollar or they threaten to pee on my tires. I don't know about you but I definitely don't have enough money to keep buying urine-free tires so I just pay them off. It sucks so bad!

Then there was that one time I played against the guy with the self-amplifying guitar? Mind bogglingly good. The man couldn't play a real chord to save his life but he certainly wiped the floor... I mean, sidewalk, with me. But I think he's got some help from high places. I'm pretty sure he's been trained by real Asians. I think he's learned some of the secrets to the universe. I think he rides a unicorn home from his post on Broadway in front of Nordstrom's. I think he knows Michael Bolton.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

becoming a man

There is a paper from a fortune cookie on my desk and it reads
Don't forget to do good deeds as you accumulate wealth.

In my mind's eye there is another one right next to it and that one reads
You are an idiot!

So what does is it going to take God, before I can get to wherever it is you are demanding I be? How much do I have to be able to withstand? How much power do I need to be able to wield over obstacles and enemies? How much, how fast do I have to think, run, find truth, expel rumors, kill evil?


On the outside, I am not happy. But on the inside, I have to wonder what the heck you are doing.

Will my life mean something in exchange?

If I keep running... and then I run even harder, will I someday see the smile on your face? Will I see the smile on my own?