Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been on an unexplainable Taco Bell kick lately. I think it's in the interest of self-preservation.

Ranchero Chicken Soft Taco Wow! How I love thee. Grilled chicken, I think, cheese, lettuce and tomatos, and... uh, ranchero sauce. Delicious! It tastes a lot like you'd expect and a lot like you don't expect, but whatever you expect, it's actually really great. Mine was fresh and came with a healthy serving of... ranchero. Con: it's a little pricey at $1.79. 4/5 [free colin]s

1/2 lb Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito It's a great item but don't eat it two days in a row. Like I just did. Cheese overload. Once every, say, two days, perfectly fine. The cheese hits you like a freight train. Imagine yourself on a dance floor in disco-fever L.A. The girl with the rainbow boa comes around... fluffing it in your face one time, two times, three... suddenly you are presented with a plate of white powder. Let it pass, for the next tray holds what you really desire. Yes. A platter of fully melted Taco Bell cheese, straight off the assembly line. Bob worked hard to make it for you. Bob works hard for the money because he really needs to make another payment on his Integra. Take a big, hearty bite and reflect on why America is so great. Do you feel better now? Also, I'm pretty sure it's not a full 1/2 lb. That might be a negative OR a positive. Therefore I'm awarding it 3.5/5 [free colin]s the first time you eat it but only 2.5/5 [free colin]s for the repeat visit.

One sad bit of news is that the Cheesy Gordita Crunch (not to be confused with the Nacho Cheese Gordita, mind you) has disappeared into the ethos. Fear not, it's likely to return on a cycle like many of the other successful exotic items have in the past.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i lied

Couldn't resist temptation to get this new blog going once I realized how much I liked the simple layout that was available. Let me know what you think of the new site and layout.

I demand that all of my friends and family get a blog now and start writing interesting things.

new server, new life

I've been working on moving everything to a new virtual server that is much cheaper and more efficient for my needs. A little over two years ago I bought into a dedicated server thinking I'd host some customers and make some money. Pshaw. Like I want to do that now.

Anyhow, my 2008 recommendations for small business email and web application hosting:
  • Slicehost is my new VPS provider. I get my own install of Gentoo Linux and a dedicated amount of RAM on a box that right now is running plenty fast for my needs. It is also a fifth of the cost of my last dedicated box.
  • Google Apps is now my email provider. Wow am I happy with it so far. Great IMAP speeds. Extremely good SPAM filter. I should have done that migration a year ago.
  • Blogger is going to become the new platform for this blog... next weekend... or maybe the weekend after...