Sunday, February 24, 2008

new server, new life

I've been working on moving everything to a new virtual server that is much cheaper and more efficient for my needs. A little over two years ago I bought into a dedicated server thinking I'd host some customers and make some money. Pshaw. Like I want to do that now.

Anyhow, my 2008 recommendations for small business email and web application hosting:
  • Slicehost is my new VPS provider. I get my own install of Gentoo Linux and a dedicated amount of RAM on a box that right now is running plenty fast for my needs. It is also a fifth of the cost of my last dedicated box.
  • Google Apps is now my email provider. Wow am I happy with it so far. Great IMAP speeds. Extremely good SPAM filter. I should have done that migration a year ago.
  • Blogger is going to become the new platform for this blog... next weekend... or maybe the weekend after...

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