Thursday, April 10, 2008

red label

All over the country, then the emotional mind map, and then back, just to do it all again.

I still have to wake up at 5 AM and drag myself out the door every morning. (That's her half.) Tomorrow (or today, that is) I'm not even sure what they're going to say, how they're going to try to change my behavior, and their justification for such things;

9 AM. With your boss. And your boss' boss. That's all I need to know, apparently.

Either Ben quit or they're in a general panic mode or both and they probably want something more for less. Give me one reason, why at the expense of any more of my sanity, I should be compelled to comply with anything that's asked?

Maybe it's the Johnnie Walker talking. I've had some every night for a week straight now and it just gets easier to drink. I'm pretty sure that's not such a good thing. What's happened to me?

And then it's off, for an hour, maybe two of sleep, before I go to do whatever it is that I do.

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