Thursday, October 9, 2008

pouch food

People that regularly follow this blog are not likely to believe that I actually packed a lunch for myself today, so here's photographic evidence.

I didn't make the sandwich though. That was my pay for a night's performance at the Camellia Lounge. Darn good sandwich.


Anonymous said...

wow .
i'm proud of you .
i do recall our visit to the grocery store earlier this week when you looked a wee lost in the fruit aisle .
but you done good .

*one quick question - what's the thing in the plastic wrap next to your drink?

Colin said...

it was a bag of chips!

Dana said...

Heh, I was about to tell you that I was proud of you, but I see that Amy beat me to it! I'm still proud though. I remember when we were in elementary school and I always reminded you to pack your homework and put on your shoes. :)

...My big brother is all grown up. You get a gold star.

LindaB said...

I too am proud of you! You have a well balanced meal there. Dana, that was nice of you to give your brother a gold star. You two make a mom proud! :-)