Friday, January 9, 2009

the tape wall

Webster has no definition for my word of the day so I will coin it here.

Cloudy about the goals ahead and disappointed with present self.

Is the importance of the outcome of my (hard) work equal to God as to me? Where is this not true? I ask myself. What changes need to be made so this is always true?

I considered a life as an empty wall, and its goals and projects as notes taped on it. The adhesive on the tape as strong as the heart's true desire to see the outcome of one or another. Some things are completed. A few things stay until the wall itself is broken.

'love' is still on the wall

And yet some, over time, fall off.
But do they fall in rhythm with the stripping of my layers from a God
who seemingly is willing to grant me peace if I only listen and obey?
Or do they fall to my own song of self-defeat?

The principals behind leading a real life, for God, are so strikingly simple. Is it complex to learn them (and therefore live them), or complex to learn to avoid everything else?

Sidenote: Check out John Maeda, president of Rhode Island School of Design; amazing.
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Anonymous said...

You will understand in time. You still have a long way to go, to be truly broken by the will of God. Only then will you see the big picture, the light. But before one can truly get to where they are headed, they need to rectify the past. Once you have asked for forgiveness in all directions is when God will work on your love post-it.

Colin said...

Anonymous... please help me understand what I did to you so that I can apologize. I wish I had known better than I did at that moment so that it never would have happened in the first place. If you are willing, let's talk.


Anonymous said...

to anonymous, i disagree .
God works on us at any given moment . it's not conditional. & not dependent on our perfection . He only asks that we love & are willing .

sidenote: if you have something pointed to say, you should write colin directly, rather than posting obscure comments on his blog .

LindaB said...

Colin, I love your insights, and questions. Keep it up. Well said, Amy.

Anonymous said...
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