Saturday, August 15, 2009


FoxCopy is a business I built and ran sometime in the early 1990's as a subsidiary of my first, less-profitable business, Science Electronics. FoxCopy specialized in making cassette copies of CDs, vinyl, and other tapes, and retained such notable clients as my mother, and also my friend's mother.

When market demand dwindled, FoxCopy never formally closed but effectively stopped offering service. I was lucky to retain the business assets to this day, namely this pencil box with the rubber stamp I used to stamp my business name on to the tape case paper backing.

Sample product:

I always preferred Maxell cassettes, but TDK was a runner up. Ahh, cassettes.


Miller said...

Even in the 90s I think you were arriving late to market. I want a stamp like that.

LindaB said...

How did I miss these photos? You still have that pencil box and the stamps! You did do a booming business. :-) The foreshadowing of things to come.