Saturday, September 17, 2011

I sat for two hours at Ying-Yi's Mandarin-language Q&A session at MOCA. Think I was most inspired because I couldn't understand much of what was said. It left my brain a lot of space to think.

Why do so few people live how they dream of living, doing what they want to do?
Why is it so hard for people to plan out how to move around the obstacles?
What do I need to do to keep moving forward with all of this?
Why did it take me so long to ask myself these questions?

I do like working for the right clients, but at this point it has to be something more than just the man behind the curtain. It's not responsible for me to try to work without putting my name on it. It's not real enough to me anymore. I need to start producing on my own, finding the reasons for myself and producing. Not relying on someone else to tell me what to do. I'm not making real use of what I've been given...

Goodnight 台中


Linda said...

True that. Keep it up. You are living your dream!

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