Sunday, March 18, 2012

the last note

February 28, 2006.

I'm happy that you've decided to take some time and change things up. I felt that we needed a lot more time apart, back at the beginning of January when you first left, if we ever wanted to get things right again. So this is a good thing.

I think that the best respect I could have ever given you during the last couple months was the time I stepped aside and allowed us to think. I'm confused about why you think I didn't respect you. I know that the best respect you could have given me would have been for you to do the same. What was needed here was careful consideration and considerable patience from both of us. I'm sad that you don't realize what's happened here and the amount of time it would take to fix those things. Conversely, I understand that you are upset I'm not home as much as you'd like. So I do not blame you for wanting to leave. My best recommendation for this would be not to put a timeframe on things, but I suppose in your mind that is not possible.

I hope you intend on taking the camera system as a consideration for anything you felt like I owed you monetarily. If there is anything else you want, with the exception of my Grandfather's stereo, just take it. The storage unit also contains some items of yours, including some clothes. I'll go clean it out and make arrangements with you soon to get to you what's yours.

Call me if something changes that I ought to be aware of. I will be retaining the same numbers and emails addresses.

I'm genuinely sorry this did not work out as planned. This isn't what I wanted.


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