Sunday, March 9, 2008

farmer in the

Why do I blog about food so much? Simple. Eating is the only non-work related event that occurs during weekdays, period. So I ENJOY it. Enough said.

I'm trying to branch out. So yesterday I ate a 7:00 PM breakfast at Del Taco. Del Taco is a California chain but they have a handful of locations in other states, including 3 in the Portland metro. Their value meals uniquely pair french fries with traditional Mexican items, leading to a confusing yet oddly satisfying combination.

It's a hard taco in a really cheap shell. Unremarkable. But it's nostalgic for me; it reminds me of the days as a youth leader hanging out with the kids and shooting dumb/awesome videos (more on this later). Some days these go for 3 on the dollar, which makes them considerably more appealing.

What do you expect? Cheap cheese in a big tortilla folded over. Just like you make at home for your boyfriend every night. That's right, I said it.

It's been a couple years (my visit last night was the first in a while), but if memory serves me correctly, they are heated-up Ore-Ida bag fries. And I just realized that the "Ore-" part is probably Oregon. Woo hoo, we are famous!

All that to say, I highly, highly recommend it.

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