Monday, June 9, 2008

city of roses

I got home after that last cup of coffee and realized I'd OD'd. Strange feeling. I put myself in bed and woke up a few minutes ago, and I have no feeling of what time of day or week it is, which is pretty rare for me. My phone told me that we are in the closing hours of Monday.

As I was telling James last night, the more that I sleep, the more that I want to sleep. It's a vicious cycle. In protest we stayed up all night last night put in a full effort on the new album and laid some comp tracks for R&D. We've already named the album, and funny enough, have had artwork for it for almost a year. It will be called "City of Roses", will probably feature about 10 tracks, and should be done by around the end of the year. More on this later.

I believe I have learned today that selfishness is the killer of God's plans. Is forward thinking simply looking away from self, out?

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