Sunday, July 27, 2008

fire sale

UPDATE! Price drop! Uniden 5.8 ghz expandable phone system with voicemail... excellent! If you have a land line... $40

UPDATE! Wireless card for laptops FREE See below

UPDATE! Infinity Kappa car speakers, component system w/ crossover for each channel, 4" mids and 1" tweets. Yeah, I said tweets. These sound great if you have a subwoofer to fill out the bottom. So buy them from me now. I will install them for you if you have 4" component cutouts already. Do you? Send me your car's info and I'll tell you wether they do or not. $40! WOAH!

UPDATE! More freebies... oh man, this is getting nuts! Hard drives! Speakers! Another bookshelf! See below.

UPDATE! Z-Line Legacy l-shape computer desk $65

UPDATE! Black and Chrome Westinghouse microwave, very stylish, looks like the picture below except it's got the old school "W" logo on the front and mine's in better condition. $30

UPDATE! GE corded speakerphone FREE

UPDATE! Mr. Coffee 10-cup thermal coffee maker, NEW in sealed box $45

UPDATE! S-Cobra 19 Ultra II car CB rig with PA horn $35

UPDATE! FREE: Tons of assorted audio, video, computer and electronics cables, power supplies... Just let me know what you need, I probably have it and don't need it.

UPDATE! Dirt Devil vacuum is now FREE.

UPDATE! Awesome Danby mini-fridge $100

OK, let the fire sale begin... Doors opening today. Leave a comment or call to claim any of these items (with the exception of eBay items)

First item on the block... is my leather couch. You know you want to.

Some people might ask... What is it Colin, what is it that you are going to sit on then? Primarily, my Aeron chair. I've had one for some time, and I can honestly say that it is the best investment you can make to your health if your job is sitting at a computer. You don't hurt and you don't get tired of sitting. Doctors in the Pearl have bought one on my recommendation; this is not a joke. Secondarily, the floor. Tertiary, the extra couch from the old office that I have sitting in the storage unit.

Second item... my old-school LaserJet printer. Here's your chance to own a classic...

Third item is that blasted 32" TV - FREE!!! Come over and take it, please, I'm begging you.

And much more!
  • Desk IP telephone
  • 12-amp bagless Dirt Devil vacuum in good condition, $50, and another one in not-as-good condition for $25 (it's a little scratched up and doesn't stay in standing position but is otherwise fine)

  • Linksys PCMCIA Wireless-G laptop card (get wi-fi on your old laptop)... free to good cause, like needing to be able to do homework
  • Audiovox model 0690 stereo speakers, wood cabinets, dating to the 70's, they sound A-OK
  • Nice little Target-brand 2 shelf bookshelf (as seen in my office)
  • GE corded speakerphone
  • Dirt Devil bagless vacuum cleaner... works
  • Tons of assorted audio, video, computer and electronics cables, power supplies... Just let me know what you need, I probably have it and don't need it
  • Computer and laptop hard drives of all sizes
  • Some cool looking promotional nVidia posters
  • Batch of fireworks (no idea where they came from but they look cool)
  • Respectable looking Target-brand 5 shelf bookshelf, decent sized
  • Purple office chair (don't ask) that needs a couple bolts
  • A number of nice, light music stands
  • Unused brushes, rollers, and other assorted wall painting supplies
  • Hard-shell guitar case, Les Paul style, rather nice actually
  • Bulletin board


Anonymous said...

shelf and fireworks!!! mine mine mine


Colin said...

deal deal deal. thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

oh and bullitin board

Colin said...