Monday, July 21, 2008

please take my tv

I'm drinking a cup down at Morning Star Café right now and it's not as good as the last one. Don't drink the dark blend. IMO. The bagel was great though.

In the next couple of days I will be announcing a fire sale on this blog. Basically I'm giving away a bunch of stuff and selling the rest for way cheap prices. Very negotiable, I just need to get rid of a lot of this stuff.

Here's the first deal of the day: A FREE 32" Sansui tube television. As far as tube TVs go, this thing is HUGE and actually has a really nice picture. It's also very heavy. I'll help you get it down to your car if you get it out of my life. Here's a review of a similar model. It looks like the one in the picture except it's black.

Sansui TV review


Anonymous said...

You should donate your stuff to the church or somewhere where people could really use it.

Anonymous said...