Tuesday, September 2, 2008


For maybe a couple months God has been showing me an image of a peaceful ocean. I quickly cut Him off from whatever He was trying to say at that time and interpreted it myself to mean that He wanted me to be like the ocean in my life. At peace, deep and calm; perhaps as a beacon of serenity to people around me.

The problem is that, despite the rains that come along and fill me up every now and again, I am a tiny puddle, compared to The Ocean. A tiny puddle that perhaps wants to be the ocean... but certainly no puddle can will itself into being the ocean; it has no control over such things.

When the sun and the hot comes out, I have a tendency to dry up. Someday The Son will come out and I will dry up completely; I will no longer be. Everything of me relies on rain from Heaven every day to exist. But The Ocean persists without question.

People attempting to find some sort of solace, some form of solution in me will not find it. They might see some water and attempt a swim only to find that their feet are barely submersed in my shallow depth. So unsatisfying; suddenly I'm simply a body of disappointment. It seems that instead of playing party to such ideas, the smart puddle erects a sandwich board next to itself with an arrow that points coastward; "You want to be over there"...

God saves.

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