Monday, September 1, 2008


GOD has let me in on a few new things tonight. I am writing them here so that I don't forget but also so that perhaps someone else will receive as well.

The name of Jesus, in Hebrew, is written in the NT I believe "Yah'shua", which translates to "God (Yah) saves". These particular facts I have to check when I wake up in the morning and have access to light and reading materials.

In my deepest sleepless struggle His name came to my mind, first in Hebrew "Yah'shua" and then translated "God saves". Suddenly I was hit with a certain clarity. In my struggles, wrestling with myself, trying to solve my own problems, attempting to make myself worthy of God's presence or will through my own means, I have neglected the simplest of truths, that God saves, not I.

Such a profound concept, Yah'shua, that it was our Lord Savior's name. Name above all names, they sometimes say. But why, what's in a name? Could it be that this name is the answer to life, to the world?

The Human condition: our capacity is too small. We were not designed to save and therefore cannot. Our complexity outstrips our capacity; attempts to save self or others fail continually. Failure is pain. So for some, life is continual pain.

To be saved, it seems, is complete surrender of all aspects of life. If we do not surrender all, then which of those pieces of us are we still trying to save, ourselves?

A guest speaker on Sunday described a baby as a blank page on which its parents write through their actions. Oh, to let God write His name (His plan!) deeply into our pages, deeper every moment, that our actions in view of others were so that they would be willing to open their pages to a God who saves...

I have to read this tomorrow, to make sure I have been accurate in passing along this information, that I have not colored it through my own head, my own will. Until tomorrow.

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