Saturday, July 16, 2011

37 days: an opportunity

Much like my decision last year to move to Asia changed the way I thought about everything, the opportunity itself changes everything all over again.

With some careful thought over french press this morning...

ok, yes i could leave now, and i'd probably be fine.

but what if i dropped all of my expenses to near nothing, and was more focused at work than ever for an extra three months. could i basically solve all of my problems, before i fly off the face of the earth?

The experience of grasping a real opportunity is invigorating. Dropping everything everyone else told you you wanted for some set of principals you actually really care about.

It's the possibility of something actually new, no matter how many days it takes...

This morning I took a piece of graph paper out of my portfolio, and proudly in all uppercase letters, declared my intent to leave my dream apartment, without a second thought as to what I was going to do next.


Mikayla Jeane said...

I came across your blog while browsing, and have read a couple of things here and there of yours-- I'm quite envious of your travelling lifestyle!
Here I am, wishing to break free from the artificially produced mold that American society casts us in, and you're out there living the dream. Right on, man. Safe travels to you!

Mikayla Jeane, TheWritingTeenager

Colin said...

Hey, you're ahead of the crew by recognizing. Don't wish, just do. And safe travels to you as well—