Monday, July 21, 2008


Dear Anonymous... perhaps you should think about why it is that you have to hide from your comments. I'm not passing judgement, as I honestly don't know your intentions, I just find it a little strange that a person behaving according to the best of intentions, or better, to the will of God, isn't willing to put their name and face behind what they say.

This deck is lovely. It's probably about the only thing I will miss from this place. I mean, the condo was never anything special on the inside, being quite outdated; it was the view that made it so spectacular. And this deck, overlooking the Columbia, where I could see into Gresham, follow a plane from the ground, past the towers on the West Hills, and into the sky, gliding over the St. Johns Bridge into the sunset. There isn't one thing that's particularly grand about this view—it's no Kerry Park—it's just being able to see this whole huge city in one shot that is awe striking.

So I type this blog entry as somewhat of a closure, getting ready for a new chapter in life and all sorts of mysteries and adventures that I don't think I can begin to imagine.

Speaking of things I can't imagine... if you have an iPhone, you need to go and download Midnight Mahjongg immediately. It's free and it will blow your mind. Not because it's a great game, which it is, but because of the way you can spin and manipulate the board using multi-touch. For some reason it seems really incredible to me.

This certainly isn't the first time I've used something on the iPhone and thought to myself, "the world is really changing." It's moving fast now. Faster and faster, and I must be getting old, or maybe I'm just too much in the know (being a software developer), but I'm getting a little frightened by it. We, humanity, are getting so fast at development of technology that pretty soon there won't be anything "real" that we cannot do. And at that point, who's to say what's a machine and what's not? Yes, of course God can, but what if He just lets us run with it? What could happen?

Two years ago almost to this day I was sitting on this deck, which was new to me at the time, without a clue as to what I was doing besides attempting to scrap together a business for no reason other than to do it. Looking back I guess I feel rather lucky that God has allowed me to come now to where I am, even in the mistake-making and the wandering more than a time or two. At all's end I have found a life of less stress, more love, more realism, and more purpose. I don't feel like I'm faking life.

I've come to the point where I have vague notions but no goals. I let the Lord move me where He needs now, and I try to resist as little as possible, but I still have a lot to learn. He does have the best in mind.

Ready to move.


Anonymous said...

you mean moonlight mahjong?

Anonymous said...

love hearing about all that's unfolding in your life .
thanks for sharing it .

& .

dear anonymous : being anonymous is boring . 'nough said .

LindaB said...

Cool thoughts, Colin.