Saturday, May 9, 2009

efficiency: lose the bookmarks bar

I'm currently thinking about ways to increase my efficiency during working hours. In my mind this morning I was trying to visualize how it happens that I get distracted while I'm trying to work.

As I started to watch the various scenarios, you know what happened every single time? I'd be looking straight at the screen, trying to work my way through a problem, and suddenly in front of me I see links to my favorite websites staring me in the face, beckoning me to read my life away. And they are:

Friends blogs.
News sites.
And more.

These sites could keep me occupied for hours. And they have. Even clicking one a few times throughout the day causes my thought processes to be completely broken up and I lose a ton of time.

So away the bookmarks bar goes. I figure it is less ready opportunities to "get" distracted. Distraction then becomes an active pursuit rather than a passive one.

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