Sunday, May 31, 2009

the struggle

I've been thinking a lot about The Struggle lately; that is, the spiritual war over all of us, how that affects us, and how we react to it.

How difficult is it to embrace the hard times and to receive the reward, the wisdom, that is waiting for us there? Very! Even though it's spelled out in so many ways for us (dear to my heart is James 1:2-3) it's often so difficult to execute.

He gave us lives to live, but the more I live that life, the more I'm aware that what is in the foreground is so auxiliary. Well, except for the people around you, who you have been called by God to love. (John 13:34) And of course what is love if it is not an active pursuit of the feelings and well being of that person?

When we become aware (again) that this life is stale, what are we to do but drop everything and dig in to the truth? I just cracked open the Word and I feel so much better. So, why is that always the case?


Amy Messenger said...

thank you for sharing that...
well said.

LindaB said...

That is so true. Why is the Bible not the very first thing I go to when I need help with my struggles? I pray, but don't always open His word. And like you, I always feel better when I do. Thanks for reminding me.

David Jones said...

The last paragraph is a good step towards the answer. Turning to God with one's whole heart and letting His words transform our heart is a way to have real change in our lives.

I believe the sermon at my church this week answers your very last question (and perhaps also in part the "what is love?" question)

(1 John 4 seems interesting)

Sometime later in the week they'll have audio for June 21st
Zephaniah – When the Smoke Clears