Monday, May 25, 2009

wireless reading

Amazon probably wants you to believe they invented "wireless reading", but the truth is that we've been able to read things without wires attached to them for thousands of years!

Despite this, Amazon has brought something very important to the table, but it's definitely not the Kindle. It's the Kindle's electronic book format, which, with Amazon's broad publisher and distributor relationships, is quickly bringing a vast number of titles to a growing number of mobile devices.

The Kindle, at a mere $360, is a big and clunky additional device that you have to carry around with you. It can be forgotten at home just like a real book. I say thee nay!

The Kindle App for iPhone and iPod Touch costs $0. Oops. And I'm here to say, the pleasure of reading a book from the bright iPhone screen is immense. It is actually easier than reading from paper pages in a lot of lighting situations. You can pop instantly to the table of contents and then click a link to go instantly to a different section of the book. After a while reading from the iPhone, paper books start to feel heavy and very clunky.

Plus, imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you realize you left home without your book, but then realize you bought it for Kindle and you actually have it with you because you have your phone. Yay!

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